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In Memory Of:
Michael Heagle
Jenny Heagle
This website was created because Mike Heagle had a dream!
In a single afternoon my brother-in-law (Mike) and I made his
dream come true. Mike was Proud of this website and he was
proud of the work that we all put into it. This past week this site
has depicted hurt, grief and betrayel to a man's good word!
As upsetting as this is, Mikes's brother; knows this is not the
way you  handle this type of situation. He knows this because
Mike raised him, to behave anyway but like this.

I feel as Mike's sister-in-law, Joe's wife and the co-designer and
webmaster of this site I have the right to put it back as it should be.
If for no other reason but out of Respect for Mike Heagle and to wish
him a Happy Birthday On Saturday 7/26/14!

We miss and love you always Mike.
Love always,
The Other Mrs. Heagle and Your Brother